Nintendo game controllerIn my spare time, I game.

I’ve been a “gamer” my entire life. Some of my earliest memories include playing a simple game with a yellow car on an old Commodore, and late night gaming sessions with my dad on the original Nintendo NES system playing Mario Bros. I’ve always had a game console, and got into PC gaming with my first MMORPG, Star Wars Galaxies, back in late 2003/early 2004.

When I moved to Canada in 2006, there was a ten month period of time where I was unable to work locally until my Canadian immigration process was complete and I received my work permit. While I spent a lot of time pursuing crafty endeavors during that time, I also gamed and began a gaming blog where I wrote guides and tutorials about what I was playing. Have you noticed a pattern? I have to teach in everything I do, even gaming!

Back then I was playing World of Warcraft and blogging about it. Some were serious guides, but others were meant to be funny. Two of my articles made the front page of the World of Warcraft website, where they were featured for millions of subscribers to see. I was soon approached by a company that ran the Azeroth Advisor, an online subscription-based newsletter service for gamers playing World of Warcraft. It wasn’t just a newsletter, though, it was a personalized newsletter that sent articles to the reader via email that were customized to their unique in-game character’s level and stats. I was hired to write articles about different aspects of the game and craft tutorials and guides for just about everything. At first I wrote for an editor, and eventually I became a Content Editor myself, writing many guides in my three years with the team. The Azeroth Advisor started under the company Mentor Media in 2007 and was purchased by 38 Studios in 2008, until it shut down in 2010.

Minecraft landscapeWhile my gaming blog and the company I worked for no longer exist, it was a fun time to be a blogger and gamer online. These days I enjoy finding a balance between PS4 gaming, family, and work.  I’m currently playing Final Fantasy 14 Online on PS4! I began and now sponsor our school’s Minecraft Club, too.